Simples simple product to protect nature. SLACKWEAR products are sustainable and environmentally conscious and also in a beautiful timeless design.


Natural materials have been used to manufacture SLACKWEAR products. All items are genuine craftsmanship and high quality.


Optimal protection for tree and bark against mechanical abrasion! Thus no unnecessary injuries occur in the tree and in nature.


SLACKWARE products can be combined with all common slacklines! Even hanging mats can be safely attached to trees.

Trees protecting at slacklining

The tree protection is an important issue in the slacklining scene to protect the tree bark from damage. The Baumschoner is simply attached between the slackline and the tree in order to absorb the mechanical friction on the tree! Sustainability and environmental protection. A tree protection should therefore always be used when you attach a slackline to a tree.



Natural materials

It was particularly important for us to manufacture all SLACKWEAR products from natural materials. This is why our top seller SafetyTree is made of natural felt. Felt is a high-quality fiber which is particularly stretchy, pressure-elastic and resistant. Furthermore, natural felt provides protection against mechanical stress and is particularly heat resistant which is ideal for a Slackline tree protection.

SLACKWEAR protects Tree & Slackline

The SLACKWEAR products are compatible with all common slacklines on the market, provide optimum protection, are characterized as Slackline accessories due to the slim look, high functionality and high-quality processing!


  • Natural materials
  • Protection for environment & slackline material
  • Absolutely fair produced
  • Made in Germany
  • Compatible with all common slacklines

Customer Comments

“Good value for money, have two linked because our tree is a bit thicker, keeps well, I would buy again, recommendable!”

Volker L. /

“The tree protection is simple, convenient and easy to handle. Unfortunately for thicker trees too short, but you can effortlessly clothe two schooners. We will buy a second pack. The price is good!”

Alex K. /

“I bought the slackline from Gibbon, with tree protection and I also added this tree protection, at this price you have to strike easy and with a second set you can also protect thicker trees!”

John S. /


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